Is it my mind that deceived my thoughts?

by | Jul 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Is it my mind that deceived my thoughts?
Is it the spirits which choose to live on?
Can they not see the light?
Is it too late to reverse?

My mind twist
It turns it flies through every deep myth
It dragged me down
It cleared my once perfect mind

No longer shall I cry
And sit at night
In fear of what I shall delight

When grasping sharp items seemed right
When my mind convinced me crying was weak
No longer could I show a speck of rain on my cheek

I could only visualise
The immense pain
Take it away
Bury it in the hidden scratches

The hidden walls
That shall never speak
My mind led me
On a trail of evil conquests
Never did I feel at peace

My mind shan’t trick me
As it did once before
I know there is life after death

I shall meet my loved ones once more
Up there in the mystic form
But for now my fight goes on.


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