Is the World your oyster ?

by | Mar 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

If you were given the choice
To live where you wish
In this great big World where we live
Would it be a hard decision to take
What considerations would you give
Maybe the Culture or Climate
Comes uppermost in your mind
Is it a sun-kissed solitary Island you seek
Where peace and seclusion you’ll find
Perhaps far North in the Artic
In the land of a thousand nights
The Aurora Borealis
And spectacular Northern Lights
Or are you looking South from there
To the Ffiords in Norway maybe
With a nice little fisherman’s cottage
A boat and fishing trips out to Sea
But it’s cold very cold in these Northern climes
So further South we must go
Have you set your sights on Europe
In Holland or Belgium or France
In a nice little village you know
Past Spain and Portugal as onwards we sail
Past Gibralta to Mediterranean and Sun
We’ve travelled now a good many miles
Since our search for a Home was begun
Will it be Florence , Rome or Venice
Or the North African shore
Or one of the little Greek Islands
Like Kos , Majorca, Minorca or more
I forgot about Sicily and Ibiza
Where holiday-makers go by the flock
But I’m sure if you chose one of these venues
You’d see how they all run amok

So onward we go and we’re out of the Med
Down the West Coast of Africa, South
Avoiding Kenya for Capetown and Durban
Having seen the size of the Lion’s mouth
When we watched the film about Safari
As we cruised in the waters Blue
For apart from eating and drinking
There was little else to do
We’ve changed our mind about South Africa
We’re going to give Jo’burg a pass
As we sail across the Indian Ocean
Thank goodness we’re travelling First Class
‘cos the heat is nearly unbearable
As we are approaching Bombay
So we sail straight on past Singapore and Thailand
Until we reach Australia for a stay
We tried Perth & Adelaide & Queensland & Sydney
But we really weren’t impressed, I must say
So we were back on ship and sailing again
Bound for the U S of A
Like the Pilgrim Fathers in the Mayflower so long ago
Those dedicated Quakers
But when we docked in the East Coast in Miami
It was full of Holiday Makers…………………………….. again
And soon we left on our constant search
Only this time we went by train
The journey was long but the miles flew by
As through City and State we chased
I did try to make a note of theme all
But somehow that note got misplaced
We finally arrived in the Big Apple
Which, I must say, lived up to it’s name
For everything there is bigger and better
But that’s the name of the game

It wasn’t the place we’d like to live
Tho’ we’ve travelled far and wide
We’re crossing the Canadian Border
To the land of the Great Divide
And I must say the Canadian Mounted Police
In their Uniform of Scarlet and Blue
Stood out again the snow clad background
Forming a colourful hue
We saw Ontario ,Ottawa and Toronto
With not much further North we could go
For all that was left was Alaska
Frozen wastes like the land of the Eskimo
It’s so long ago since we left the Arctic
And circum-navigated the Globe, that’s nice
To find there’s not a lot here in Alaska
But lots of Snow, Snow Snow Snow & Ice


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