Is this the end ?

by | Mar 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why did they destroy me? My self esteem and confidence have gone.
If I did have PTSD before, how did I work so well, for so long?
They focused on “Not to work in the frontline” and ignored “Should be redeployed”.
Despite all my determination and hard work THEY WON, I am now unemployed.

New people at every meeting, story related again and again.
No suggestions or solutions just sent home, suspended again.
No one listened, no one cared, no one took my side
Depressed and at an end, no hope no pride

I have done nothing wrong so why am I being punished?
This is the reward I got for doing my job, “You’re dismissed”?
I never even got to say goodbye
All I can do is sit and cry


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