Is Variety the Spice of Life

by | Apr 20, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Words are going through my head
I’m looking to write on subjects new
For variety must be a motive in life
In most of the things we do
It’s so easy to be type cast
On one subject you can stagnate
So it’s nice to open your thoughts again
And see what’s offered on Life’s plate
For like a meal that is on the Menu
What takes your fancy today
May be out of vogue tomorrow
As a varying appetite you display
And it’s much the same when writing
So much is going through your mind
Searching for words to display an image
To depict the subject as clearly defined
I think very often of the Life of a Soldier
And sometimes wonder why that life he chose
But then again why do I write in rhyme
I could just have easily chosen prose
For the chosen role of a Military Man
May entail months and years away from home
Detachment from his loved ones and friends
As across the World he may roam
So perhaps I should write of the Wives and the Mothers
As their lives they continue apart
Ever eager to learn of a loved one’s welfare
And keep alive the love in their heart
So once again I see that my mind has strayed back
Although for variety I started to seek
I seem to be drawn as though by a magnet
To the Service people of which I so often speak
However I could think of Spring in the Garden
Of plants and Flowers as they come into bloom
Speak of Love and Romance by young people
Away from the darkness and gloom
Maybe I should mention the options of travel
As a Jumbo Jet flies high over head
Or an Ocean Going Liner leaving port
For a luxury seagoing holiday instead
But I’ve forgotten the people that work each day
I’m sure they must have tales to tell
For as well as the arduous tasks some perform
They have pleasant leisure hours as well
So now I am left in a quandary
Is it best to write in one vein
Or cover a wide variety of subjects
And give more exercise to my brain
For when all is said and done life is full of variety
There is sadness and laughter and tears
And the young and old live in harmony perhaps
To provide Life’s happiest years


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