It’s What’s Inside That Counts

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

Post operation, visiting time
Here they come, eyes fixed upon the floor
It’s as if they no longer recognise
Who I am anymore

Conversation is somewhat strained
As they do not meet my eye
When I question them, what is wrong?
They do not tell me why

When they leave, I look for a mirror
So I can see what they can see
There before me, as stranger
Is reflected back at me

But wait… I’m still me!

How can they be so shallow?
When they turn away, or stare
Why can’t they see that I’m still me?
They’re not being very fair

If I can accept how I’ll look from now on
Why on earth can’t they?
But if how I look offends them now
Then they should stay away!

All they see is the physical
Not what’s underneath
To them I’ve changed, I’m no me
Well, that is their belief

But wait… They’re not all like that!

I’m jumping to conclusions
Tarring all instead of some
The ones I love and care about
Don’t see what has become

They are the ones that matter to me
They look beyond what others see
It doesn’t matter to them how I look
To them I’m the same old me

I may look different, but they don’t see
They do not have any doubts
For they know, what matters most
Is what’s inside that counts!


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