I’ve seen it all.

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’ve seen it all, men come and go,
I’ve seen fresh track marks in the snow,
I’ve seen the charcoal black of night,
I’ve seen the lonely bird in flight,
I’ve seen men live and seen them die,
I’ve heard them scream and heard them cry.

I’ve seen men march, I’ve seen them fall,
I’ve seen them with no strength at all,
I’ve seen them push beyond the lines,
I’ve seen them blown apart by mines.
I’ve seen a man bark orders clear,
I’ve seen that look of trepid fear.

I’ve seen the green and gold of hills,
I’ve seen the mess when mans blood spills,
I’ve seen dry deserts and oceans blue,
and muddy rivers, rushing through,
I’ve seen that thick, black, dusty air,
That only hand dug tunnels bear.

You’ve seen one war, you’ve seen them all,
You’ve heard one voice so weak and small,
You’ve watched a flickering light fade,
You’ve felt the walls your hands have made.
The things I’ve seen no men should know,
For they have happened so long ago.


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