Jack the Toad

by | Jun 18, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Mummy and I live in Sussex West;
We have a bad cat and call her Jess,
We live in a house just down the road,
In the back garden, lives a green toad,

Green on the belly, green on the back
Mummy then said, “ we will call it Jack”
It lives in some rubble, out the back
Near rainwater, beneath an old sack.

Granddad was raking the grass one-day
Out came the toad, soon hopping away
Tess got excited and soon gave chase
With growl and a hiss, and a bad face

My name is Lauren and my friend Jess
We chased the bad cat we call Tess
Jack the toad hid under some rubble
If he’s there, he’ll be out of trouble.



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