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I awaken at 6:00 a.m.
To a beautiful, warm October day
I take a warm bath
And pray that I can find my way.

The pain is very mild
All I can think……..
I might wait a while.

As the hours pass on
The pain gets stronger
Time to go to the hospital
I can’t wait any longer.

The nurse asked me,
“Can you make it to labor and Delivery?”
I told her that I can walk and do this on my own
With my hands trembling and my body shivering.

They came in to check me
Started screaming and yelling
“Call the doctor right now!”
“This baby is coming.”

I was 5 _ centimeters
It may be a little longer
Lord help me Jesus
These contractions are even stronger!

Within 45 minutes
Her head was crowning
I pushed and pushed and pushed
And felt is if I were drowning.

The doctor came in
With only one glove on
To catch this baby
Who had waited so long.

As she enters this life
She doesn’t even know
What lies ahead of her
Or how much she’ll grow.

This beautiful little girl is all mine
Her cheeks are all rosy
And today is her day………………
This is Josie!

October 10, 1996
12:57 p.m.


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