Jungle killing grounds

by | Feb 16, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Inserted high above the trees
From ‘ Choppers ‘ we did rope
Heavy with equipment
For handholds we did grope

We’re swallowed by the canopy
Of trees so high and thick
Devoured by the darkness
And branches hard as brick

We drop onto the earth below
The ropes they pull away
The Chopper rotors fading
Our mission starts today

Three weeks out on this patrol
Away from human sight
Hacking jungle through the day
And lying-up at night

We aim to lay an ambush
Without the sound of gunshots
To take the enemy one by one
For this we brought ‘ Garrotes ‘

We aren’t supposed to kill them
Although we’ve got the knack
We’re not out on a ‘ Firing Range ‘
These blokes would shoot right back

So here we lie in wait for them
A line of them appears
A voice I know I’ve heard before
I can’t believe my ears

Their leader is an Englishman
I’ve served with him before
He’d left us in the Regiment
To fight in Foreign wars

We cannot kill old comrades
Whatever’s in the past
So we just hide there silently
And let their unit pass

They never knew how close they came
To dying in those trees
An English voice had saved them
A whisper down the breeze

I then requested ‘ Ex-fil ‘
This mission I’d abort
And when de-briefing to the Boss
I’d nothing to Report !

We may be different Armies
Their goals we may despise
But never kill a comrade
‘Cause friendship never dies !


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