Just a Job

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Revving engines shaking our thoughts
as we grab our gear off the bus
We’re not just robots or killing machines
as people often describe us

We had to get dropped and regroup downstairs
to meet up silent unseen
And as you dive down with halos all round
You focus on task and the scene

We dropped in real good it all went as planned
And we met up with Charlie and Mike
And once we were checked we set off on our trek
It was long and a hell of a hike

We carried our loads through rugged terrain
We got to the start point dead early
It gave us some time to chill and re-org
Me young Connor and Curly

We talked for a while until it was time
To do what we all did so well
Those men inside had no chance to hide
From us who were opening hell

We finished our mission and checked all the dead
And sitrepped our glory to god
And as he climbed down from his post off the ground
He smiled and gave us that nod

We’d done what we do and now to get out
We tore up the clicks really quick
What we had done to those people back there
Would make none of us feel even sick

But all of this hell and killing of others
Is what we were trained to deliver
we were the best, trained to breathe death
For our masters much further up river

And there they all sit with their hands shiny clean
No nightmares or flashbacks at all
And where is my future if anywhere now?
In the corridors of power – Whitehall


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