Just Another Day

by | Nov 7, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My alarm clock rings in the depth of my dreams
The noise far away or so it seems
Before opening my eyes I reach out for you
To cuddle you close as I always do

But you are not there, you’ve gone far away
I remember this at the start of each day
I stretch and I yawn as I start to rise
Blinking the tears away from my eyes

I hurry downstairs, put a cross on my chart
Kiss the picture of the man who’s stolen my heart
I think of you as I drink my tea
Knowing this separation has to be

You’ve not left by choice; you’ve a job to do
And I hope you know I’m so proud of you
I leave the house to go to work too
And all through the day my thoughts turn to you

You’re always there in my mind and my heart
So close to me even though we’re apart
I get through the day and do what I must
Manage to smile but only just

When I get home I look to see
If the postie has brought a letter for me
From the man I adore who’s so far away
Sometimes there is one but not today

I switch on my lap top and watch the time
And wait until you can come on line
And suddenly your there and my heart is glad
And all of a sudden the day’s not that bad

You make me smile as we say hi
Now its tears of joy that flood my eyes
For you’re safe and sound and I know that all’s well
You’re full of news and you’ve lots to tell

But all too soon you’ve got to go
There are others waiting for computers, I know
I feel so sad as we say good bye
And I pray that the days will start to fly by

Its time for bed and as I climb each stair
My heart is heavy cos your not there
Just another day over, one more has gone by
Till once again I can be with my guy


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