Just like you

by | Aug 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Hi Daddy, how are you today?
I hope that you’re okay
I know that you are thinking of me
So I just wanted to say

Even though I miss you Daddy
When you are far away
My love for you is growing
Each and every day

I miss your kisses and cuddles
When you tuck me in at night
But I know how much you love me
So it makes everything all right

I miss those special moments shared
Between a Daddy and his son
Still I know that you will be home soon
Then we’ll have lots of fun

I keep a picture of you Daddy
In my pocket near my heart
So you are always with me
When we are far apart

I know that you would be here
If you didn’t have to fight
But daddy you’re a soldier
You need to put things right

I am very proud of you daddy
I hope you’re proud of me too
Coz one day when I’m all grown up
I’ll be a soldier just like you


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