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This southern belle who lived through hell,
Stood where heavens meet.
From the heights of success
To the depths of despair.
Toasted by the famous,
Homeless in a wheel chair.
Deserted by friends, family.
Only the love of her schoolboy son,
To comfort, nurse and sustain her.

To rise and live again,
Then struck down once more,
In South Dade, by Andrew hurricane.
Mother and son, cling together on the floor,
Battered, bruised and a broken jaw,
No food, no water, no shelter, nothing,
Except for the love of each other.

Once more to rise and write again,
Of daffodils, whippoorwills, magnolias in bloom,
Fields of purple flowers, Cypress tree speak to me.
Southern Belle who lived through hell,
Stood where heavens meet,
You words surely speak to me.


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