Kays’ Canvas

by | Jun 15, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

You taught me everything I live by,
Like when to smile and when to cry,
You where the backbone of us all,
Always there to never let us fall.

With loved ones you travelled the world,
And with each new dish our taste buds unfurled,
You where never afraid to try new things,
Always thinking of the consequences and what it brings.

No matter where you walked or sat,
You where always up for a chat,
Your friendly manner open to everyone,
Always trying to include them in your fun.

You enjoyed all the old places crumbling,
Even with all three kids grumbling,
Then waiting for our enthralled Dad,
Even missing those times with you makes me sad.

So quickly where you taken from this life to the next,
That all we can do in commemorate and reflect,
You shall be remembered by all in every endeavour,
Like all you canvasses cherished forever.


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