Keep the Faith

by | Apr 13, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

While I lay wailing on the floor ,
With closed windows and tightly bolted doors ;
Somehow , somewhere , the happiness lay dead ,
I looked at the mirror and shrieked with dread ;
Where’s the old face gone , the delightfulness , the charm,
And the grotesque face would never let the heart and soul calm ;

The fire that I caught was doused off late ,
But it let me cursing my own fate ;
And nothing more could be done , was the matter of fact ,
I pray to God for mercy while I genuflect ;
When suddenly I made a brave attempt to peer through my face ,
To see a bright sign after all the disgrace ;
My hands trembled as I touched the once kindled skin ,
I saw stars in my reflection that continuously spinned;
It looked so bright and shimmery then ,
But the dark reality was also not hidden ;
Its not outside beauty but the inner self that shine ,
Be your true self and see your sorrows sublime

Who was it ? I could not see anyone ,
When I noticed that my own reflection was teaching me what was to be done ;
Its only love that held people together , not the faces ,
Mankind transcends all bounds , restrictions and races ;

It dawned upon me that I should see the beauty inside and out ,
Overwhelmed with joy , I almost wanted to shout ;
I found a new identity of my own ,
It was only a great smile that needed to be worn ;
I always kept searching for peace and serenity ,
While I ignored my own divinity ;

Shame and disaster never come by themselves , but are invited ,
By people who think they lack the needed courage to keep the old fire ignited ;
I will no longer look forward to lost respect and courtesy ,
As I’m not on other peoples’, but at my own mercy ;
When God brought me to this world , he knew what was to be done with me ,
‘Keep the Faith ‘ was the only possible solution I could see .


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