Keep the home fires burning

by | Oct 23, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

The worrying and waiting never goes away,
Even when you’re home, it’s never to stay.
“I’ve got to go away” you tell me one day,
With a sinking stomach I turn to you and say,
“I’ll keep the home fires burning and pray”

Your bags are packed, the children are crying,
Holding us tight and silently sighing.
You turn to leave, the hardest part,
Pain and aching from the heart.
Lost empty and blue,
‘Come home safe we’re waiting for you’

Day’s turn to months which feel like years,
Everyday I’m fighting the tears,
Worrying, waiting, hiding the fears.
Telling the children, “soon daddy will be back
Let’s post him some pictures he’ll like that”

The count down begins,
Our children wearing huge grins.
The excitement sets in but is held back by the familiar worry.
Time drags even more now, how I wish it would hurry.

The day you’re home, safe and strong,
Holding us in your arms, like you’ve never been gone.
But the worrying and waiting never goes away
Even when you’re home it’s never to stay.


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