Keeper of Lost Souls

by | Jan 7, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

I am the Earth Mother
I am the keeper of lost souls.
I keep them safe and protect them
Till they recover from their pain.
I teach them how to keep themselves safe
And live in the world again.

I wove the spaces between the shadows into stars
So they would not be afraid of the night.
I wove the rainbow from the rain that fell
So they would know I was near when the storms came.
In the daytime while they rested I set the sun on high
To give light and warmth while they played.

And my soft voice would sooth their worried minds
And the wind and the streams were the music
That I chose to accompany my singing.
Deep inside they still remember the music.
For on this mortal plain they try to recreate it
From the trees and the reeds and the sounds of their voices.

I am the Earth Mother
The keeper of lost souls.
And I hear the voice of the Universe
Rise above the din of the world,
Reminding me that I too am protected
Till I return to my home again.


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