Kids Needs

by | May 8, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

What kids often need is not that much
Just someone with a gentle touch

They often think everything they do is wrong
For often we lecture way too long

They think nothing ever goes right
Because we never tell them when they do right

We as parents and adults should help them, in their life find out what is missing
Then maybe so many in the night would not come up missing

To them life is an uphill tug
See what a difference is made with a simple hug

To them life is tuff
They don’t want to hear about our troubles and that type stuff

In front of them do not fuss and fight
As for in life they will see nothing better in sight

To them some freedom you must give
Through them your life do not try to relive

Often they just need a friend
To help them mend

They don’t want us to worry about what they wear
So please don’t stare

In front of their friends, them do not cause embarasment
As to them, this is the worst kind of harasment

To sit down and have a simple meal
To them is often a big deal

When they do something wrong and stupid
We should remember, when we did it, it was just as wrong and stupid

When they want to sit and talk, do not act as their life is a bore
And this they will adore

When we tell them no
We should give them a reason, so they will know

They should be told, often we will not agree
That there are differences in you and me

No one is perfect, this do not forget
And when something happens, do not say things you will later regret

Early on in life about many things they must be told
This may keep them from being too bold

They should early on be told about sex and disease
And how in life it can bring them to their knees

Just remember most, what they care
Is that about them, WE CARE


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