Kind Gentleman

by | Feb 23, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

A birthday gathering for a lovely man
Who has helped us all, if and when he can?
He started my path into civilian life.
A job to support me, the kids and the wife
It was working, evening s, nights and day
For this we received quite good pay
I thought this is fine just for a start
I laboured on but with good heart
Distance learning lessons through the post
Studying hard with Tea and toast
To get the facts right in my head
At the end of my shift before I went to bed
City & Guilds and lots of hard graft
This was the way I learnt my craft
They said information didn’t come out on plates
You went round the site getting knowledge from mates
No worries with the dirt, muck or the grime
Nor watching the clock for that was a crime
When promotion came it was quite a shock
I mean this sincerely, I do not mock
Retirement, with money, came along for the old
More promotion with money, for the young and the bold
My time to leave came I’m sorry to say
It wasn’t too bad on ill health and half pay
I say this now, because now I can


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