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I am living in hell
Not the mythical one
But the real one
Here on Mother Earth
Its called Kivu

The suffering is endless
The cry of lost souls
Shatters the silence of the night
The cruelty and killing
Goes on day after day
No respite for the living or the dead
Respect for human rights
A fallacy
Power rules through the gun

Five million
Five million

Have died in this place
Since the Vultures sent
Their Armies to
Loot and Rape and Destroy the Land
Corruption is endemic
Like some vile virus
It as dug deep into the spirit of the land
The Vultures Armies have gone now
But they leave behind their
Scavenger Minions
The Para-Military’s and Militias

The Blue Berets battle in vain
To bring some sense to a senseless world
Where the life of a child is worth
Less then a Ganja smoke
Undermanned, Underarmed, Undersouced
Their task is a hopeless one


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