“Knights in pink flannel.”

by | Apr 24, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Knights in pink flannel shall inherit the earth
Those knights in pink flannel; they know what it’s worth
So don’t ever leave them alone in a town
You know that pink flannel is sure to turn brown!

Their twinkle toes, are all covered in pink
Once you have bathed them in the old kitchen sink
Shouting and laughing with obvious glee
Only they knowing, they have just had a pee!

Knights in pink flannel, they just don’t give two hoots
And often they wear it with pink furry boots
Little black pompoms to button up the side
Off into dreamland the little fellows ride.

At three in the morning, they just scream and shout
Calling for Mum: Is she anywhere about?
The lovely pink flannel is now soaking wet
Mum says turning to Dad; “Is it your turn yet”?


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