Knockout – MMXII

by | Jul 21, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Prowling, scowling, pacing, facing, swaying ‘rap like’ to and fro
Tannoy trumpets fanfare of each gladiator’s name
Tracksuit leggings peeled and placed inside the wicker basket slow
Race officials check their list, whilst making sure within right lane

Starter mounts his rostrum, checking pistol’s wired for sound
Athletes stand astride their blocks awaiting to advance
“Take your marks” rings out aloud, as hearts begin to pound
Striding forward focussed now, which one among will take their chance

“Set” resounds around one lap and breasts the tape in deathly hush,
Twitching, milking spotlight, known as gamesmanship is played
Fans exhale as if one lung when hand is raised, hey what’s the rush
Restart called, no fault incurred, though innocents may feel betrayed

Once more routine of “Marks” to “Set”, then off this time for sure!!!
The trigger squeezed, “B..B..ang” booms out
A blur of limbs ignite the crowd, ‘Flamed Chariots’ of yore
On topping card of great events, this one is marked as “Title Bout”


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