La Mer (berceau des rêves)

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

Held whispers caught in shells (divest of sound)
Hath linger’d long until such time to fly
Beyond the seas where hope filled dreams abound
On Gull like wings traversing azure sky
Perchance love’s call may yet invoke response
If harken’d to by one attuned to same
A heart in sync with each perceived nuance
Who doth in turn assent thru sweet proclaim
None else than Aphrodite fills my thoughts
Emerging from the swell which lifts to shore
Tho not immersed (as once famed Argonauts)
Twud plunge beneath the waves should she implore
Whence billowed clouds set sail o’er deep expanse
“Prevailing winds; Pray usher in advance”


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