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NO Land Army Stone, Are you the person that I tell?
I’m just visiting here, but I write some words quite well

I’m a simple ex sailor no better, and no worse
I‘ll try to pose your question, by means of this short verse

You say you want a Statue, of a Tractor? or a Horse?
Did you plough green fields daily, as nature took its course?

No, you milked the cows, and worked the farm, from daybreak long forgotten
And in the long hard winter you say, you had chilblains on your Bottom

A large pair of udders the statue ought to be
Upon a stone or in the shade, of a lovely apple tree

Your daughter laughed, MOTHER TELL NO MORE
Especially the story, of the Italian man of war

The Monument you ask for, which surely shows you care
Along with the many others, it’s a place for you to share

With Air Raid Wardens, and Girl factory workers,
Whilst blitzed at home, they were no shirkers

With WVS Girls in such splendid green
The ATS Ladies, along with our future Queen

The HOME FRONT MEMORIAL although it sounds barmy
Is the one on this site, for the girls of Land Army?


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