Last Bequest

by | Jan 10, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I know in my last will dear
I said my love had died
I wouldn’t leave you anything
Well my love I lied
I’ve left the skunk and mongoose
Please change them every day
Be careful with the snakes dear
They’re in the family way
The horse will need it’s feet done
The donkey will as well
Please don’t feed them turnips
You know it makes them smell
The turtle and the terrapin
Still have a daily feed
The budgies and the finches
Must have the best of seed
Remember that the bee hives
Must not be left too long
And the goat will need a bath soon
It’s smelling rather strong
I know you liked my pets love
As much as I did honey
They’re all that I can leave you
I spent up all the money

P.S. Hope you and your new fella are O.K.


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