Leave them with a smile

by | Mar 6, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

I look back on my distant past
The things I’ve seen and done
The trials and tribulations
The battles I have won

The price of beer when I was young
I can’t afford it now
Existing on a pension
As I take my final bow

Chips inside Newspaper
Fingers black with Ink
No health & Safety those days
Much better, don’t you think ?

Sherbet dips were wonderful
The Liquorice licked and coated
With Chestnuts on an open fire
Consumed till we were bloated

Tinned food had some colour then
The beans all deep and red
But now, without the colourants
They all look pale and dead

Matchbox cars we pushed along
On rugs with roadways on
Remote controls unheard of
No ‘ Karaoke ‘ songs

My ‘ Hornby trains ‘ were wind-up
They raced along the rails
They’re now run by computers
And crawl along like snails

And where has all the snow gone ?
We played in long ago
Built igloos and snowmen
And felt the cold wind blow

I lie here thinking of those times
The fun we had back then
Building forts from rotten wood
And playing in ‘ Our Den ‘

I don’t regret a minute
My life was full of fun
Now old age overtakes me
I know my life is done

I’m way past my ‘ Expiry date ‘
I’ve ran the final mile
It’s time to shed this earthly coil
And leave life with ‘ A smile ‘


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