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Are we ever going to stop these ego-fuelled wars?
Killing each other in the name of ‘the cause’
Anger and hatred twisting our minds
Fear and ignorance making us blind

Is it really important that you have your say?
Underneath does it matter, that you have your way?
Why do you continue to spread bloodshed and tears?
I can only presume it’s because of your fears

If I look a little deeper I can see that you’re scared
And I guess you feel angry, frustrated, unheard
What has happened to you? To stop you from caring?
About people and life, love and sharing?

I hope you stop to think about the bigger picture
Because I tell it’s far more important than a holy scripture!
You see that child that you killed is what it’s all about
Not some man-made quote from the religion you shout

Don’t blindly follow what you’ve been taught all along
Listen to your own voice, not some other man’s song
Think for yourself not what you’ve been told
And question their voices, no matter how old


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