Led by the blind

by | May 21, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I was forged within the wilds of the Afghan, given wisdom only a warrior can understand
Determined to stand and do my duty, ensure the defence of the fields in which I stand
I was trained to prepare for my duties, training I received can only take me so far
Only in the heat of a vicious battle, the experience comes that raises the bar

Now I stand a seasoned fighter, a wisdom that is natural and my best friend
My best friend is an SA80 Rifle, sitting still within my hands ready to defend
I am surrounded with those I would die for; they would willingly die for me
When fully armed and tactically aware, enemies come then turn and flee

So we do what others order as duties, politicians who are tactically blind
Should we invite them to accompany us, they have no idea what they would find
Directed by blindness and stupidity, perhaps they are our greatest foe
We are only soldiers with orders, where they will take us only God can know


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