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A good friend of mine, he lost a Son. A brave young man was he
Fighting a war in a foreign land trying to set its people free.
When a roadside bomb, as they passed by, exploded without warning
Three lives were lost; three Mothers Sons, three more families in mourning

They were not the first; they won’t be the last, to pay the ultimate price,
Working to make things right and help bring peace, their lives they sacrificed.
We should pay homage to our heroes all, today and each tomorrow
Honour their comrades gone before and those who will surely follow

Leon was just twenty-six years old, when cruel fate did take his life
While, serving Queen and country, and standing up for what was right
He wanted only to make a difference, and to help bring a lasting peace
And to end violence and suffering, on Iraq’s beleaguered streets.

He did not give his life in vain; he was doing what he did best
Always putting others before himself, and helping the oppressed
He made good his stand for freedom, and for justice he did fight
For he truly believed, that to live in peace, is man’s god given right

He is missed every day; by his family; but his memory will live forever on
Leon was a really wonderful brother and a thoughtful and loving Son.
While remembering just the good times, and knowing that his love was real
There are still no words can take away, the pain and anguish that they feel.

But please my friend, hold your head up high, be proud of your soldier Son
Because without the true and brave like him; justice could not be done.
I give thanks to our armed forces, protecting us, though their families fret,
They’re keeping us safe to live free lives; we will be forever in their debt.

© Peter Maslak


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