Let’s Get Out

by | Sep 30, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

The bankers have prosperity,
The Greeks have got austerity.
The Spanish and the Portuguese
Are also suffering a squeeze
And they may leave the Euro zone
To try to make it on their own.
If they do I guess we’ll see
An end to common currency.
If so the EC could disband
For it was built on shifting sand
By those who thought they could invent
A European government
To win what wasn’t won by war
And make some richer than before.
But clearly those with this ideal
Forgot that we need to be real
And care for every single Nation
In this great conglomeration
Who want to keep their sovereignty
And individuality
And don’t want to be overrun
By the Frenchman or the Hun,
Or spend what they can’t afford
To take in people from abroad
With welfare, housing and with jobs
From which the British feel they’re robbed.
So I suggest we think again
And just get off of this Gravy Train.


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