Letters Home

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Flower heads sway as the battledress pass,
Lemmings walking to meet their end
Callow youth with ghosts of victories filling their heads
Letters from ancient loves in pockets amass
Like threads of a web to catch memory flies
Pale parchment capturing the spirits of the dead

Love is but a memory of past times
In places of legend made up by the new
The mud had filled the void of remembrance
Now wandering cattle toll the chimes
And minds are sent askew
Buried deep into Saturn’s world

Explosions of darkness tear the safe
Sending them scurrying to their holes
To return messages of answer

Oblivion follows and various dancers have the field
Framed by the petals of love
Gatherers begin and patch together lives extinguished
Garlands for mothers at home waiting
But not expecting this bouquet of life lost
And tears ensue
And will not be quenched
As long as war exists in the hearts of the Overlords


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