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In a lovely little village
In a County known so well
In the depth of quaint old Suffolk
Or so I’ve heard folk tell
There lived a loving couple
Mr & Mrs Arthur Wade
To see them walking hand in hand
What a beautiful sight they made
You could see them every Sunday
As they travelled down the lane
It’s 10oclock and time for Chapel
To worship once again
Suitably dressed for the occasion
She’d wear best coat and hat
And gloves to match as well, I think
You could safely bet on that
And Arthur in suit and polished boots
A very smart man was he
‘cos he sometimes donned the Uniform
Of the Special Constabulary
But on a certain Wednesday afternoon
Village women all assembled there
Outside their local Village Hall
Where they could only stand and stare
As a coach filled with strange young children, arrived
And from the coach they did alight
Tired, frightened and dishevelled
They looked such a pitiful sight
As they filed into the building
They knew not what to expect
For they were here all alone
Without Parents to protect
Them for the first time it seemed
That they were on their own
But love and understanding
Was quickly to be shown
By the villagers of Levington
Who were ever eager to please
These youngsters from a wartime City of London
To be known as Evacuees

Their purpose here today, they knew
To give the children a temporary home
Away from the bombed and blasted city
And in peace this country village to roam
There were 30 or 40 Children on the floor
Waiting for the Ladies who, they, might pick
Although the likely lads did find a home
The pretty blue-eyed, fair haired girls went quick
Five of us were left now
Three brothers, my Brother and me
But everyone chose single children
It seemed no-one wanted two or three
The three lads were adamant
Their Mum said they shouldn’t part
When along came a Lady, with a house the boys would hold
Not only that she had a great big heart
And now I return to the start of this Ode
And the Memory I have will never fade
Of the Angels who were our Saviours
And live forever in our hearts
Mr & Mrs Arthur Wade
They treated us as though their own
This couple mild and meek
And all they got in financial help
Was a mere 10 shillings a week


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