Life’s a Lie

by | Oct 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I lay in bed at night hoping I dont wake up with a scream,
Why are they always nightmares and never a dream.
Thats even if I get to sleep at night, Its normally in the day,
But garanteed some mental image gets in the way.
Sometimes I try, sometimes I lose the will,
If I dont get a proper sleep, I know I’m gunna be ill,
The bottle doesnt help me but still I try,
Its like ma nightmares are real,
Ma life is a lie.

Up down nothings right,
Day turns to night, and night turns light.
Am I awake,or am I asleep,
I could of swore I wasnt laid there counting sheep.
Is it me or is it you,
Witch part of ma life is really true.


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