Life’s Deck of Cards.

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Life is like a pack of cards
No one knows what fate has in store
And I believe it is the gamblers in life
Who will play for evermore
Whether they win or lose won’t matter
They’ll do their best to win
Ever hopeful that their luck will change
Where others a coin will spin
Every player is eager
To see what a hand they’ve been dealt
Fate can be a cruel dealer
Downfall for many has spelt
Played as a game of light relief
Patience is the one people choose
A game played by one player
Tho’ still you can win or lose
But much the same is the game of Life
When the stakes are running high
Opportunities grow and blossom
But bad hands fade and die
In the game of Life when you’re handed and Ace
Or maybe Aces two or three
This raises your hopes of achievement
Arousing your expectancy
Of a change in fortunes inside your Family
To put you on the upward grade
Overcoming your difficulties
And bad times seem to fade
And it’s now that you should play your Joker
Your opponents are now at your feet
As you stroll away from Life’s Gambling Table
As a winner with happiness complete.


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