Life’s Ebb and Flow

by | Dec 3, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

The sparkling ebb and flow of the trickling streams
A brilliant creation in summer night dreams
Soft silent blossoms of the white floating clouds
Loud whispering butterflies gather in crowds.

Fragrance of blossoms, and the sparkle of dew
Brings back sweet memories of yellow and blue
Yellow of buttercups, deep blue of the sky
Lighting the vision of a desert that’s dry.

Soft sand that drifts by, just like pure molten gold
And tall proud mountains with their heads in the cold
Each wears a bonnet of pure white virgin snow
They reach for the heavens and stars all aglow.

Far in the distance is a stuttering light
Surrounded by Angels all ghostly and white
As whispering voices fade from deepest of sleep
I pray to the good Lord for my soul to keep.

To gather the people together in peace
Is like counting each sand grain in a desert!


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