Life’s Motorway

by | Dec 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

It’s strange how life is like a Motorway
And as a child you are led to believe
Then told this is the road to follow
But it’s not easy to conceive
For this road has many junctions
To join or leave at will
Drift along with the Traffic
Or in a lay-by stand still
So when you are in your teenage years
In the fast lane you may run
Overtaking many older persons
As your life you see as fun
But occasionally doubt comes to mind
Which junction should you take
The decision may be paramount
Therefore errors you should not make
Pull into the slow lane for a little while
To give you time to think
Of what life has in store for you
From indecision you should shrink
When in doubt leave at the next junction
Navigate the roundabout and perhaps return
When your mind is in gear again
That is the way to learn
Wise words that are offered, tho’ silly may seem
Sometimes will work out fine
At a time when the road gets bumpy
And may help to keep you on line
Enthusiasm is like an accelerator pedal
Which you use to increase your speed
But couple that with a strong ambition
More than likely you will succeed
For the road of life is a long one
But before you reach the end
There’ll be a lot of twisting and turning
As you negotiate more than one bend
Then as the road once again straightens out
It’s easier to see what I’m trying to say
If you travel through life at a sensible speed
You’ll reach the end of Life’s Motorway


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