Life’s Ocean 2

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

How long is a lifetime
I wonder every day
Where minutes seem to be like hours
As time drags on it’s way
Where once I had the Midas touch
My dreams just turn to rust
All the things that I hold dear
Now crumble in my hands falling in the dust
How can my life have changed so much
Precious Memories seemingly lost
As I sail upon Life’s Ocean
In stormy Seas I’m tossed
Sometimes when I’m tired and weary
And sitting all alone
I close my eyes and think of many things
In a Fantasy World of my own
The pent up emotions inside me
From the outside world I must hide
Yet never finding the answer I need
No matter how hard I’ve tried
All of these things going round in my head
As though in a perpetual whirl
Is this what happens to everyone
Or am I just an unfortunate girl
Then as I look through the window of my soul
A glimpse of Sunlight shines through the cloud
Happiness may be coming back to my life
Removing this eternal shroud


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