Life’s Rainbow

by | Jan 14, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

To sit and close your eyes as tho’ in sleep
Perhaps to reflect on events now past
Thankfully the Happiness you keep
But the scene before you leaves you aghast
For life is like the colours of the Rainbow
Stark but sometimes serene
With Pastels there in tranquility
To calm the turbulence in between
First you may notice predominance of blue
Representing the sky above
Tinged by the Golden rays of the Sun
To envelope you in a world of love
Then the change may be Oh! so rapid
As Pastels to Vibrants quickly alter
Reflecting the tumult within your soul
Could this be the moment you falter
It could move from Lilac to Mauve and onwards
Giving warning of trouble ahead
Followed by Mauve and Purple and Violet
And maybe a menacing Red
But if I were an Artist
This knowledge I could impart
To put this image on Canvas
Creating a work of Art
The Blue of the sky and the Sun up above
You’re in a boat with the wind and the spray
You’ll weather the Storm on Life’s Ocean
And chase all your demons away
The pain and the sadness and sorrow in Life
Are depicted by the Vibrant colours severe
Then the Green and Lemon and Blue Pastels
Embracing friends and loved ones holding you dear
Look forward to a colourful existence
Forget about the danger of Red
Take each and every day as it comes
For “ He who dares wins” it is said.


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