Listen between the words

by | Jul 30, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments

“Read between the lines”
Is the one we mostly know
But we must change our thinking
To help our losses slow.

It isn’t yet enough to say
It’s ok to share your woes
Because regardless of intentions
They won’t put truth on show.

So if the signs have made you
Call and check on them
Then go with your gut feeling
and press them once again.

Let them know how much you care
And why you need to press
Let them understand that
You’re sick of funeral dress.

You may feel this is intrusive
But understand my case
I’m writing this from heaven
My demons won the race.

They outran all my family
They outran all my friends
They outran my love as well
They got me in the end.

Please learn from my undoing
From the falseness of my words
From trying to hide the me inside
They swarmed on me like birds.

So next time you go asking
“Are you sure that you’re ok?”
Help them tell you everything
So down on earth they stay.


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