Little Mozzie.

by | Nov 4, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Little mosquito, how much you bug me so,
The way you buzz in my ear refusing to go,
Are you wise in knowledge that I am not,
As you buzz around the candle pot.

You annoy me to the core of my being,
It’s my blood that your always seeing,
Your wings flap in your general location,
And just on bite, DAMN THAT SENSATION!

It’s amazing how many ways men can kill,
But one little bite can make them ill,
Just on moment that’s all it takes,
A bite to the grave that’s what it makes.

You see now why I hate you so,
Why your buzzing brings my hand so low,
To try and hit you on the head,
That’s another one of the b******s dead.


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