Little Sister

by | Aug 28, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Hey little sister, dry your tears
Let me see your smile
I’ve got to work, but I’ll be back
It’s only for a while

Draw me one of your pictures
I’ll take it when I go
I’ll place it near my bed space
Pride of place on show

When you’re feeling lonely
To my photo blow a kiss
I’ll feel it then send one right back
With love, I will not miss

I’ll think about you every day
When I’m working on my base
Before you know it, I’ll be home again
To see your smiling face

Look after our mummy and daddy
Don’t forget big sister too
They’ll give you hugs till I come home
They love you like I do

I’ll never leave you sweetheart
You’re always in my heart
Your love will help me soldier on
Even when we are apart

So dry your tears little sister
You’ll never be alone
I promise you it won’t be long
Big brother will soon be home


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