Living Hell

by | Jun 18, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Many of our troops today are locked in a living hell
they joined to serve queen and country, and what they
have seen they may never tell.
Most of them are young ones maybe 19 or a little more
but better you will never find to keep the tyrant from
your door.
They say goodbye to their loved ones on a 6 month
tour they go, the hardships they endure far worse
than we will know, the heat and sand is bad enough
but the worst is yet to come. The bullets and the Ied’s
that cause destruction of life and soul, so many lost
to the Ied and so many injured to, but let us remember also
their friends have seen it and come through, “OR HAVE THEY”
they must live their life with the memories of what they
have seen, unable to sleep without seeing ghost every night
they hear their screams, so remember the fallen and injured
but don’t forget the rest because most of them will suffer from
so if you see a soldier thank them for what they have done,
because they wont forget what they have
seen even after they come home,it will stay with them for a
lifetime the things they have seen and done but worst of all
is the night time when it all comes back to haunt them in


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