Living With Cancer

by | Sep 16, 2023 | Poetry | 1 comment

This is for anyone going through this with family or friends.

My life with cancer is still my life it brings withit all the trouble and strife
Most of the time I am in pain but this is my life time and time again.

My life with cancer it is not so good somtimes it makes me in a terrible mood
Alough at timies I start to weep because of the painI do not sleep.

Life with cancer is a chalande for me wanting it out and me to be free I am
many days and nidht it so much pain somtimes I wonder if I can take the strain.

My life with cancer makes me Irate not sleeping much staying up late I somtimes
feel like a tramp and deadbeat but I never want to admit defeat.

I want to beat cancer whatever it takes as in my life I have made so many mistakes
then every one will see a brand new me and they will be pleased at what they see.

If things take a turn and they go bad think about the happy times family and friends have had
And if the angles call for me day or night please do not worry I have gone to heaven I caught
my last flight.

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  1. Mac

    An evocative and moving poem James. I hope things are going better for you.


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