Locals from Kabul

by | Aug 31, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

We work with locally employed civilians, who have come down to work
from Kabul,
they are a mixed bunch of characters, and one is as strong
as a mule.

They service all our vehicles, the one’s that go out on the desert tracks,
and all they ask for in return, is time off to pray on their mats.

The language barrier is difficult, and often I think that I offend,
but lots of waving hand signals, gets the message through in the end.

The last time I was out here, I met there president,
he spoke to me in Pashtu, I’m not sure what he meant.

But the ISAF commander, with the interpreter by his side,
told him that I was from Scotland, shaking his hand, he could see my pride.


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