Lonely man

by | May 9, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why in the depth of this evil pit
Does such a sad man, so lonely sit?
Bereft of love from the female kind
He has just pending death on his mind.

When did the world he so loved then change?
Why did his loss make his mind derange?
Around each corner another trap
Sanity drips from a leaking tap.

In the distance, a tunnel dark black
The journey takes him; no coming back
He sits and waits for the wall to burst
Standing in water, dying of thirst.

The red inferno now creeps so near
And down his cheek rolls a single tear
But suddenly, he stands straight and tall
This proud man has his back to the wall.

There in the distance he sees new light
Not red fire, but exceedingly bright
Its the passage of love newly built
Erasing the mans feelings of guilt.

Then his own children; tears in their eyes
Calling to him with their loving cries
Then stretching out to grasp at his hand
To pull him away from devils land.

The sun comes up like a shield of lace
A silver beam falls upon his face
With a smile, he turns over in bed
Thanking God, for the right path led.


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