Lonely War

by | Mar 27, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

So gritty, blood red sweet and pretty, Guns and crime in the one big city.
Night comes calling, darkness prevails, and daylight is over
The night spreads her sails, cloaking all with her dark crested veil,
The gunner falls as the bullets sail.

Collision of impact in the snipers crossed hairs,
All alone with the thousand yard stare, never knowing the
target so what does he care, no remorse never despair,

Jungles or mountains, crevices or caves, coastline to shoreline
to the Afghan gun trial, militia to extremists, to the belief
in their faith, how many more will die! How many more will be
saved. Can there lives be justified by bombs and the graves.

A picturesque mountains with a deadly dark shade, eyes in the
hillside, a fallout parade, next stop the war, there’s only dreams
to be saved as the hunt for the enemy goes on in these caves
Will they survive will they be saved. To the weak and weary we
honour our brave.

Silent the night now, wolves gone to ground, sounds on the
wind of a single snipers round, that echoes to the distance
direction never found,
Secure in the life of the military shroud, fighters in a lonely war
it’s here its real its loud, but for us back on civvy street we’re just
oblivious in a crowd, and our woman and men are dying so what’s
it all really for, to try to create peace in a land of a very bloody war.

That’s the life of a brave hearted soldier
but the lonely part of war.


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