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So lay , if you will, in silent repose
With thoughts Oh! so deep
As your eyes deeply close
To meditate for a moment
As though ready for sleep
Thoughts of the past
Which in your Memory you keep
Each day that passes , of late it just seems
Happiness is slipping away from your dreams
But Life is ever changing
Both the good and the bad
And there far ahead a glimmer
Of the good life you once had
All these thought’s of being prisoner
Locked away in some jail
And your fight against adversity
Will inevitably prevail
Your home is your Castle
Or so it is always said
With a drawbridge to allay your enemies
A good roof over your head
And there behind the battlements
As you search the world outside
You are in your friendly environment
And with your Allies you can confide
You suffer the hurt and the anger, that others extol
Ever in your presence, and deep in your Soul
But the thing that hurts most
Is the misplacement of trust
For though you feel un-forgiving
To get back your life you know that you must
For at the end of every dark tunnel
There is certain to be light
To guide you to the end of that bumpy road
And a new future, Happy, Healthy and Bright


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