Looking back

by | Jul 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

As you lay in repose upon your bed
And gently close your eyes
How many thoughts are going through your head
What do you visualize
Are you thinking back to the early days
Perhaps a hint of your first romance
When you made quick decisions
Not worried about taking a chance
When life you always lived to the full
Although with thought and devotion
But sometimes the snags brought heartache
And an outward show of emotion
Then as the tears had dried upon your cheeks
That relieved the anger and the pain
You realized your inner strength
Had come to your aid again
But also whilst you’re thinking back
To the moments that cause you stress
Some fault may lie within yourself
And perhaps creates some this bitterness
For you know that now and then maybe
Decisions you’ve made in vain
Without thought for the repercussions
The sadness and distain
But bold you must be if change you wish
To the way of life you live
You may even when the Demons you find
Realise that they are willing to forgive
Some of your indiscretions or errors you’ve made
Which may have been with some doubt
And as your life begins to alter
Is the time when you will find out
That it is fallacy to have implicit faith
Without some solid indication
That some of the friends you’ve singled out
Perhaps will be your salvation
Whilst you stay strong in body and soul
The Devil can try his best
But adversity is always a motivation
To bring your troubles to rest
And then you can open your arms out wide
And all your true friends embrace
As you sail again on Life’s ocean
And your foes and troubles sink without trace .


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