by | Oct 30, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Keen to survive the last attack,
don’t want my name etched on a plaque:
“in memory of those who fell in Iraq”
I don’t want a coffin to carry me back.

Go home to all those that I hold dear.
Relax, and enjoy having nothing to fear.
Forget all the hardship and hold loved ones near;
look forwards, not back, with a conscience that’s clear.

Take pride in the knowledge that I did my best,
wear a shiny new medal upon my chest.
Restart my life with new vigour and zest,
thank the good fortune that kept me blessed.

But for those still out here I’ll not forget,
that it’s you here, not I, I owe you a debt,
I know what you’ll go through, the challenges set,
I wish you good luck with my utmost respect.


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