Losing a Child

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

When I lost my child
It crushed my broken heart
You don’t expect to lose a child
You don’t expect to be apart

It was so unexpected
For my child I idolized
How do you come to terms?
When one of your children dies

Who do you blame for the pain?
That you feel deep down inside
Who do you vent your anger on?
When the floods of tears you’ve cried

Life at the time is not worth living
When a child is taken away
Do you turn to your God?
Fall down on your knees and pray

The answer came to me in a dream
As my child came close to me
These words were uttered
Fear not for my spirit is free

I will stay close to you
I will help to ease the pain
I will heal your sadness
Until we are together again

I may not be on the material
And physically we are apart
You have all those precious memories
That you can place with your heart

As the times pass along
Your anger and heartache will cease
Your memories will be your strength
And your mind will be at peace

Talk to me and I will listen
For I am only a breath away
You will feel my presence
Giving you strength each passing day


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